Many people who want to start a catering business believe they can do so from your home and to be certain some will start this way, but if they do plan to make a business out of catering they will need to end up some properly authorized premises.

It is a very rare occasion a commercial kitchen is home based because local authorities are so strict making use of their health regulations which is a good thing for the meals industry. It regulations are not adhered to the whole industry would suffer as people get sick and a negative reputation spreads through the.

The premises

If you intend to undertake catering as a business you need to search for a commercial kitchen but what you actually look for will depend on what type of catering you want to do.

The type of premise you will need, will depend on whether you are going to be doing out-catering or whether you are likely to be holding the functions you cook for is likely to premises. If this is actually the case you need to ensure that there’s ample parking and that the amount of parking available is sufficient as approved by the neighborhood authority. They can be very difficult with this issue.

These decisions means that you either decide to create or rent a kitchen only place or obtain the rights to a kitchen and reception room building.

Either way it does not pay to cut corners and make an effort to workout of a kitchen that has not been approved by the local authorities for food preparation. In case you are considering taking over a closed kitchen, check with the local authority that it can meet their guidelines before you go signing a lease.

Some of these older kitchens which have closed will need so much being spent on them to upgrade to an acceptable standard that they are just not worth considering. It will be better to start afresh.

Be mindful of the problem that you might want to expand or do extra catering as well as the on premises catering, so ensure that the kitchen are designed for several functions at the same time.

Securing the premises

There are two methods to secure a building to utilize:

lease the premises, or
purchase the premises

As mentioned, either way, check all the licenses first before making any unconditional offers of premises.

Put plenty of thought into where you think you want the business enterprise to go and become before signing up for premises.